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CD-presentations, CD business cards
Everyone knows that the business style of any company begins from a business card. We provide a new opportunity to present their company at a decent level - CD business card. All the most important information, which can not be placed on a normal business card, will be accessible to everyone thanks to its compact, user-friendly electronic format. CD Business Card will create a holistic, complete image of your company in the eyes of partners and customers.
CD presentation, compared with the CD business card, allows you to put more information: to tell detailed about the company and its achievements, clients, activities, individual projects, etc. CD presentation may consist of high-quality video, slides parallel sound system, price lists of the company with a description of products or services.
High-quality presentation is always interested your partners, customers, investors. This is a convenient and easy way to present the company at the appropriate level at exhibitions, conferences and other events and to provide the consumer with all the necessary information about services.

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